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Three Key Metrics to Identify a Superstar Investment

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SOURCE:[The Mining Report] – Etienne Moshevich Etienne Moshevich, editor of, looks at three things before he decides to get excited about a company: people, projects and structure. In this interview with The Mining Report, Moshevich explains his ground-up approach to evaluating junior resource companies and names the names that are set to rake in [...]

Resource Opportunities Juxtaposes Commodity Investing to Investing in Select Mining Companies

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Lawrence Roulston’s, “Resource Opportunities” is one of Gold Editors most respected market timing journals. In his most recent report he states: “A more productive approach than simply holding bullion is to own companies that control a lot of gold, or silver, or platinum. That approach is most effective if the company has a deposit with [...]

4 Market Areas Revved up for a Resources Boom

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SOURCE:[Frank Holmes] – Commodity returns vary wildly, as experienced resource investors can attest and our popular periodic table illustrates. This inherent volatility can spell opportunity for the nimble investor who can look past the mainstream headlines to identify hot spots. Our global resources expert, Brian Hicks, CFA, identified four we believe are revved up for [...]

Is “Dr. Copper” a Quack?

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SOURCE:[National Investor] – Last issue, I asked rhetorically which market(s) are “lying.” How was it that stocks (here in the U.S. of A., anyhow) have been making new highs even as the bond market seemed to be signaling danger, with yields creeping lower? With what seemed to be very disparate fundamentals arguing for the opposite, how [...]

Rick Rule: Coming Natural Resource Market will ‘Elate or Terrify you’

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SOURCE:[Sprott Group] – Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., has been involved in natural resource for four decades. Rick says he expects some familiar patterns to emerge in the coming year. Sprott Global: Rick, you’ve predicted an impending bear-market bottom in precious metals and natural resources. Are we there now? Rick Rule: [...]

Ron Struthers: The Juniors Are Forging the Path Forward

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The Gold  chart continues to look strong and gold bulls are growing ever more confident..  we all know the mantra: “ first the seniors; then the intermediates; and finally the juniors” The Gold Report interviewed the editor of Struthers Resource Stock Report, who states the “TSX venture stocks, not the majors, are leading the way” [...]

Encouraging Signs for Quebec and Canadian Mining Companies

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SOURCE:[] – Despite the challenges currently faced by the mining industry, Canadian junior mining executives appear to have a renewed sense of optimism, particularly those in Quebec, where the adoption of Bill 70 to reform the Mining Act in December has at long last provided the industry with a stable and predictable regulatory framework. This [...]

Junior Miners Rise from the Ashes

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SOURCE:[The Gold Report] – Michael Ballanger You didn’t really think that junior miners would languish forever, did you? Junior mining stocks are starting to make a careful climb from the depths after tax-loss selling in December. But some investors, beaten down as badly as mining stocks, are still hesitant. For those investors, Michael Ballanger, director [...]

National Investor Highlights Silver Opportunity

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SOURCE:[National Investor] – Vancouver, B.C.-based Dolly Varden Silver has been public for two years. It started trading following the company’s successful consolidation of purchases in the northern part of British Columbia in what is known as the Dolly Varden Mines area; one which actually saw past development of four separate mines, two of which — [...]

Gold Climbs to 16-Week High as U.S. Data Spurs Demand

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SOURCE:[Bloomberg] – Gold and silver rose to the highest in more than 16 weeks in New York on speculation that weakening U.S. growth and turmoil in Ukraine will boost haven demand. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s national index for January was at minus 0.39, compared with analysts’ median estimate of minus 0.2. A below [...]

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